Well, it is multiplayer without bots, so you have to have other players to have a fight!

Assume you have a friend in 6 000 miles radius (maximum range in 2D mode).

First thing you do is starting the game by pressing on Multiplayer (beta ver.)” bullet

AK-47 multiplayer main menu

Press on "Multiplayer (beta ver.)" bullet

Now you will see the login screen. You can skip the registration, just press “Login!”:

AK-47 login screen

Press "Login!"

Now the game takes you to your Head Quaters, they you can see your stats. If you unregistered then your stats will not grow. When you completer the registration then the game will remember your every shot and your health, damage and accuracy will grow.

Scroll down the HQ screen to the bottom and press “Start!”

Start the game

Press Start! to go into AR fight

Now you are in a middle of a battle ground :) Let me explain what you see:

2D play mode

What the hell is it?!

Notice the top down view on a soldier with a blue star on top? Guess who is it? This is you!

At top left corner there is small log of shots that you make and who is shooting at you. There are 4 undestructuble dummies on the map, you can practice your shooting on them.

To shoot press right top button “Fire”

To reload press left bottom picture of ammo with counter.

I think right now you wonder: how the hell to rotate! There is not buttons for that!! WTF?!!!

Well, the answer is simple: the barrel of you gun attached to your phone camera! So hold you phone like you would hold a camera! Rotate your body with your phone clockwise or other way around. You will notice how the soldier on the screen rotates with your.

Now… Try to shoot that dummy!

Shooting the dummy

Shooting the dummy

Rotate till your soldier points at dummy and shoot!!!  Use log at top left to see if you getting closer!!

That’s it!  If you notice another soldier on a map but with red start – that’s a human controlled player! Kill it before he/she kills you!


The most fun (of course) is 3D mode, but for this game you must be outside with your friends. When you inside the house  and you try to press right bottom button to 3D mode then you would get

Augmented reality needs good GPS accuracy

Augmented reality needs good GPS accuracy

Get you friends, go outdoors and have fun  in virtual augmented reality shooting

Also checkout tutorial video! And you can always leave your questions!